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Damon Davis

Motivating and mentoring optimal health is at the core of all we do here at Zoëlogics Health Sciences Corporation and within ZOË Wellness Centers of America. As we will explore further in this program, part of your ability to achieve ZOË is to be free from the limitations of sickness and disease. Research shows that both debilitating states are impacted positively and negatively by a properly functioning Immune system. 


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Curated programs that fit to
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Immune Armor Plus+ Program

Our Immune Armor Plus+ program directly aims to get your body in fit to fight shape to fight off any viruses. This is the program meant for those who want to take preventative measures!

Fit to Fight Program

Our comprehensive program will allow you to not only improve your immune system health, but you will also get a ready-to-take-action kit that will help you overcome any flu, including covid-19.

COVID Recovery

Whether you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or know someone that is sick and in isolation, this program has been designed for a full recovery with the help of resources and direct servicing from our health coaches.

never alone

Our health coaches are here for you

Our purpose is to be there for you every step of the way. Our health coaches are certified and have extensive expertise to advise you on your journey to wellness. In a time where we’ve had to experience isolation, anxiety and uncertainty about our immune system and health, our health coaches will be able to assist you through the Fit to Fight program.


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